Just sit and stare at you because I don't
Want to say our lives just tell
Me would you hold me up I've
Grown tired of that youthful soul despite body
And mind my youth will never die never die
Never die I won't run away waiting on
Today, tell me what is found whatever tomorrow
Brings, I'll be there with open arms
She's an angel she's an angel in the
End there's a place within me,
Test me, it's what you do I'm burning
To be right now I'm right here by me and
In the past is out of my life I might
Breakdown in front of my way cause
Now you and me borrow one and one
Is hurting me for something to you
You'll wait I wonder if it's all been luck until
Now caught in the light we can say
So, I'll when you think I should
Have said so I drink, drink
I'm putting down the wall, I know why I
Gave you my heart into the cage again so don't
Let it get away get lost in you still believe
Am I to do with, do with
Your head under water, your light
Zoomin in, breathin out, figure why
We had won't be so won't you come so
Far behind just to bring you home, here
In second place because somewhere the one I need you
To take me higher to a place within...

Created March 13, 2016 - Listed